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In 1952, there was a street stand which provided ultimate and uncompromising ramen noodle in a home of Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork bone noodle soup), Kurume.It was “Sei Yo Ken”.
The second generation of Sei Yo Ken, Koji Ichiki uses the method of making noodle which they take from Hiroshi Kozuki, the founder of Sei Yo Ken, and have been passing down to others. Ichiki makes Tonkotsu soup using homegrown pork bones and they cook it for three whole days.
Please try our fine Ramen noodles with soup that contains over 10,000mg of collagen, and which they pulled out enough original flavor of pork bones.

The History of Sei Yo Ken

1951 Teruko and Kosaku Iida couple and Hiroshi Katsuki started street stand in Nonakamachi, Kurume.
1952 The founder of Sei Yo Ken, Hiroshi Katsuki started Sei Yo Ken in Nawatemachi, Kurume.
1953 New street stand had been opened in front of Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank (current Mizuho Bank), because old one was washed away by the flood.
1953 Sei Yo Ken main store started operation in Rotary in Honmachi, Kurume.
1956 Koji Ichiki was allowed to be an apprenticeship at Sei Yo Ken, main store, which was his long sought goal
1987 Sei Yo Ken, main store was moved to Kushiwara Bypass in Kurume.
1991 The pupil, Koji Ichiki opened a branch store of SeiYo Ken in Rotary in Honmach, Kurume, where the main store was on once before.
1993 The branch store moved to Daizenjimachimiyamoto, Kurume
1994 Hiroshi Katsuki, the founder of Sei Yo Ke, retired from the business.
2001 Sei Yo Ken main store (in Kushiwara Bypass) is closed.
2006 The last store of Sei Yu Ken, which was operating the business for 54 years, pulled the goodwill down. Means ceased running the store.
2008 With all the support from the enthusiastic regular customers, “Sei Yo Ken re-opening project” came to play.
2009 On 9th January, Hiroshi Katsuki passed away watching Sei Yo Ken’s re-opening.
2009 New store was opened in Suwanomachi, Kurume by the“Sei Yo Ken re-opening project”, with new name “Kurume Ramen Sei Yo Ken”
2012 Online shop “Kurume Ramen Sei Yo Ken” is opened in Rakuten online market.
2012 Sei Yo Ken’s second store “Kurume Ramen Sei Yo Ken, Bunkagai” is opened in Hiyoshimachi, Kurume.
2013 Pot noodles “Kurume Ramen, Supervised by Sei Yo Ken”which was presented by MARUTAI Co,LTD and is on sale at 35,000 convenience stores throughout Japan.
2014 Sei Yo Ken’s thrid store “Kurume Ramen Sei Yo Ken,Ogori” is opened in Oitai, Ogori.
2016 Sei Yo Ken’s forth store “Kurume Ramen Sei Yo Ken,Tosu” is opened in Tosu, Saga.
2017 Sei Yo Ken’s fifth store “Kurume Ramen Sei Yo Ken,Yanagawa” is opened in Mihashi-machi, Yanagawa.

Table of decent related to Sei Yo Ken

Kosaku Iida
Opened an original Sei Yo Ken, the Ramen noodle street store, with wife Teruko and brother in law Hiroshi Katsuki.
Teruko Iida
Maiden name is Katsuki. She is a wife of Kosaku Iida, and also Hiroshi Katsuki(Sei Yo Ken the 1st)’s biological older sister.
Hiroshi Katsuki
He is a biological younger brother of Teruko Iida, who is wife of Kosaku Iida. He is a founder of Sei Yo Ken.
Koji Ichiki
He is the 2nd generation of Sei Yo Ken, and taking over the 1st, and his master, Hiroshi Katsuki’s thought. He is also a husband of second daughter of Hiroshi. He came back to the business with “Sei Yo Kan Reopen Project”.