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Ramen noodles takeaway menu

Sei Yo Ken gift box
This is a reasonable 5-portion Ramen noodle, which we sell only at our shop. You can enjoy our traditional taste at home. It is ideal gift for somebody that you like, or for yourself !
Fresh ramen noodles
You can enjoy the tastes of ‘Yatai jikomi Ramen Noodles’ and ‘Suppin Ramen noodles’. Our original Ramen soup is great for Chanpon noodles too.

Other take-away menu

Using our homemade roast pork (cha-shu) and finished with original soy sauce based sauce. This is “The fried rice of Ramen noodle shop”
We put homemade in original dumpling pastry. Our special one-bite size dumplings.
Fried chicken thighs which are marinated with special sauce and ginger. We deep fry them twice. You can enjoy our ginger flavored deep fried chicken!
Dressed with our original cold delicious sauce.Great with ice cold beer.
(We offer 6 skewers and 12 skewers)
We pan-fry takana with chilli pepper and secret spices. It goes very well with hot white rice.